The Hammonton Rotary Club's Spring Wine Festival

Playing Saturday and Sunday

About the Band

The idea of the band hatched with Jeff X (SPARKY), then add the explosive enthusiasm of Chris (EARL) and an equally enthusiatic Tyrone (TY-ROD) and what do you have? THE FOOL INJECTORS. The Fool Injectors will be your favorite Music Band once you experience their show. You will dance, rock, laugh out loud and have a whole new experience with the Fool Injectors.

Sparky, Ty-Rod and Earl put no limits on their musical stylings. Move, groove and levitate to a different sound. Ride along shotgun with these good ol boys who enjoy their hot cars, hot women and partying.

The Fool Injectors band consist of Sparky on Guitar, Earl on Drums and Ty-Rod on Bass and Everyone on Vocals. Yeah, that means you can sing along too!

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